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Development of basic skills of the future football player: technique of work with the ball, development of dexterity, study of terminology. All classes are held in the form of games so that children can love sports and football. Classes are held in a specially equipped room, convenient for any season. Recruitment of children is ongoing.
Development of children who have no experience in football, a starting group to start a football career. The training is aimed at developing technical skills in working with the ball, such as dribbling, elements of dribbling, the basics of passing the ball and hitting the goal, the child also learns football terminology, has the development of general physical training. This is the initial group before the next stage in professional development.
6-12 years
3-5.5 years
The next professional step after "Kids" level groups. Training in this group is reduced to the development of individual technical and tactical actions on the football field. Emphasis is also placed on team effort, where the child tries himself in different positions in the team. Players take part in short-term competitions and team games. Reaches the city level of competition.
The next step after the Junior level for children of the appropriate age. Children learn to play team football, improve the technique of working with the ball and improve the physical level of young players. The team participates in local tournaments, regular friendly games, reached the city level of competition.
Professional level team. The team already possessing a technical base for working with the ball is aimed at developing group and team interactions on the football field. Having the talent and skills, the player grows physically and morally, learns to think and make quick decisions in game situations, gets acquainted with the tactics of the game. Young football players play in championships, international and regional tournaments, have regular friendly matches. The team is currently taking part in the Kyiv region championship.
4 groups
The main focus of this team's training is the speed of working with the ball, instant decision-making in difficult game situations, learning combination games, which in turn helps to bring to a higher level of individual, group and team actions on the football field.

The team competes in local, regional and regional championships. In 2020 she won the second place in the Championship of Kyiv-Sviatoshynskyi district among young men born in 2007-2008.

Recruitment of children aged 3 to 16 to the football academy is open now. For PRO and JUNIOR programs.

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