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We are UCSA Kids Children's Development Center. We have created a safe space for the development of your children. We value respect, good attitude, order, care for each other and proper care for babies.
We provide a happy childhood from 2018. Formed on the basis of the Ukrainian Christian Sports Academy and adhere to generally accepted Christian moral and ethical values.
To discover the potential of each child, forming a whole person.

Who we are

We strive to develop future leaders who are whole individuals (physically, spiritually, intellectually) with knowledge of a foreign language.

Our vision

We deal with children aged 2 to 7, provide care, development and training according to the program approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine "Child"


First of all, the goals of the program include the principle "from play to learning", thanks to which children are active participants in various classes / subjects (mathematics, English, sports, music, theater, environment and others). We also use Zaitsev's method, Montessori elements (touch boxes, etc.)
There is a group "School of the future first-grader", where children during the year undergo comprehensive training for school, prepare their hands for writing, get acquainted with sounds, letters, syllables, words, sentences. Classes such as "Speech Development", "In the Land of Numbers and Problems", lexical topics from the course "Environmental Education" are included in the course.

Its priorities are:

  • strengthening the child's independence and his ability to self-organization, leadership

  • readiness for communication, cooperation

  • to perceive the child as a free person who is constantly developing in its inherent activities: play, cognitive, practical and creative

  • to be a partner of the child in the knowledge of himself, the world and himself in the world

  • provide emotional comfort, well-being and involvement in society

  • create conditions for individual development, formation of values, personal qualities and life competencies

  • UCSA KIDS Children's Center is open in a mini-garden from 9:00 to 13:00 and full day from 9:00 to 18:00.

  • Parents are required to follow the daily routine and bring the child on time for classes that begin at 9:00.

  • Parents must pick up the child on time and leave the premises of the Center by 13:00 (mini-garden program) or 18:00 (full-time program). If the child stays in the institution outside the set time, starting at 13:00 or 18:00 for every next 30 minutes a payment is required - 100 UAH.

  • Parents must inform the administration of the Center about the peculiarities of the child's development, chronic diseases, health disorders and other physical and / or mental characteristics of the child.

  • UCSA KIDS is not a specialized or correctional facility, so in such cases, we cannot provide qualified care, development and education services for the child. In the event of such situations, the Center reserves the right to refuse to provide services.

  • Parents are obliged to constantly monitor the physiological condition of the child. In case of ill health, it is recommended to avoid visiting the Center until the child recovers.

  • Parents should notify the Center administrator of third parties who will take their child home after school.

  • Parents are obliged to provide the child with clean and comfortable clothes, shoes, changeable shoes and clothes, lunch, personal towel for the period of his stay in the Center.

  • While on the territory of the Center, parents must behave in accordance with the rules of public order, follow the rules of personal hygiene, fire safety rules and create not uncomfortable conditions for the work of the institution and its visitors.

  • Parents are prohibited from mistreating the staff, children (their own or other persons) and other visitors to the Center.

  • Parents are prohibited from making any remarks to other children or interfering in the educational process. The teachers and administration of the Center are responsible for the educational process at the UCSA KIDS Center.

  • Parents and their proxies should check their children's clothing pockets for hard and sharp, flammable and toxic, prickly and cutting objects, as well as other life-threatening and health-threatening items to avoid possible injuries.

  • It is forbidden to bring valuable and valuable things, toys, any animals to the UCSA KIDS center. The administration of the Center is not responsible for the safety of personal belongings of children left unattended.

  • Video and photography at the UCSA KIDS Center, without special agreement with the administration, is not allowed.

  • Parents are materially liable for damage caused intentionally or negligently to the property of the Center in the amount of the value of damaged or destroyed property.

Rules for parents

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