UCSA Academy opened a new office at Sofia Lyceum

Our academy is gradually expanding its boundaries to attract even more children to football. So we have great news for you! From now on, our new office is opened in the Lyceum "Sofia", located on the territory of the residential complex of the same name.
To celebrate this event, UCSA has organized a large-scale football tournament in our new branch. The competition, which began on October 12 and will be held throughout the week, was the result of a joint effort by UCSA and the lyceum management.
The tournament will be held among students of three age categories: 1-2 classes, 3-4 classes, 5-6 classes. In total, more than 150 students will take part. They are the students of 1-6 grades who will be included in the first set of students of the office of our academy in the lyceum "Sofia". UCSA, in addition to organizing matches, provides game refereeing and gifts for winners and participants.
Future football players will be trained by experienced and licensed coaches who conduct classes according to licensed methods. Trainings will take place both on the open field in the size of 17 * 35 m, and in the big gym of lyceum. And young athletes are expected to regularly participate in tournaments - local, away and abroad.
We also remind you that the football players of our academy continue to participate in the championships of the city of Kyiv and Kyiv region. Follow our news, because soon we will publish information about these competitions and about the results achieved by our students.
To find out more about our new office at Sofia Lyceum, call: 067 759 32 92.
Lyceum address: s. Sofiyivska Borshchahivka, street Sunny, 10.
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