UCSA celebrated its third birthday

UCSA's birthday was a truly grand event attended by over 350 guests! Well-known and respected guests came to congratulate our academy too: Savochka Yevhen Petrovich, General Director of NovaBudova; Sizon Volodymyr Hryhorovych, chairman of the Tarasivka village council; Zarubin Oleksandr Oleksandrovych, Mayor of Boyarka; Zubov Gennady Alexandrovich, ex-Shakhtar player; Comendant Hryhoriy Ivanovych, President of the All-Ukrainian Bible Society; Kukharchuk Alla Ivanivna, director of the gymnasium "Sofia"; Savchuk Oleksiy, Honored Artist of Ukraine; Dmytro Honcharenko, President of the All-Ukrainian Fans' Association and other guests.
This event, like any holiday, took place in an atmosphere of happiness and joy. This day will be especially memorable for children, for whom a wide range of entertainment was organized: trampoline, inflatable slide, horseback riding, paintball, face art, children's fair, ball competitions from the coaches of the academy, etc. In addition, there were two football tournaments. Students of the academy and everyone who wished took part in the children's competition. And then there was a tournament of developers, the victory of which was celebrated by the team "NovaBudova".
All guests of the event were impressed by the delicious pilaw, which, as it should be, was cooked in a huge cauldron. Although the youngest participants of the event probably liked the cotton candy more, which was provided free of charge by the information partner of the holiday - the Internet provider "Maximum-Net" (the company also presented visitors with gift cards to pay for Internet services). And what holiday without a cake? UCSA Academy treated all guests to two huge holiday cakes, each weighing 10 kilograms!
Any birthday cannot do not only without a cake, but also without gifts. A free lottery was held, in which portable speakers, headphones, fitness trackers, gift certificates for a month of free classes at UCSA were drawn among the guests, and the main prize was a bicycle. In addition, the academy itself received gifts. General Director of the construction company "NovaBudova" Savochka Eugene Petrovich presented a number of professional balls and three sets of uniforms. The balls of the academy were also donated by the All-Ukrainian Association of Fans, and Zarubin Oleksandr Oleksandrovych presented a set of equipment for training.
As expected, the holiday was held not only in an atmosphere of joy, but also in compliance with the necessary safety standards: all staff were in masks, guests were measured the temperature at the entrance, there were antiseptics everywhere.
Thank you to everyone who came to greet us, and we remind you that we are always happy to see you, both on weekdays and on holidays!
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